Motor-drive Micromanipulators

Problems Probable Causes Remedies
Drive Unit does not drive, and also the coordinates on display unit does not change, either. Somehow, the parameter setting has been changed as "None" possibly.

When the module setting is set as "None", the drive unit does not drive even the cable is connected with the control box.

  1. "MENU" > "Module" > Select the target slot of drive unit. For example, select "Card Slot1"
  2. Refer to the following instructions, correct the setting along with the model name of products.
    Drive unit with 5-phase stepping motor;

    DMA-1511/1510/1551/1550, MO-82/952/972/972A.

    > "DM-UD51-01" > "ENTER"*
    Drive unit with 2-phase stepping motor;

    MO-81/961/971/971A, SM-21.

    > "DM-UD21-01" > "ENTER"*

* If the enter button has been pressed several times in row, the setting can be set back to "None" by mistake. Please be assured that the setting has done as either "DM-UD51-01" or "DM-UD21-01".

* After the setting has been corrected, still the drive unit does not drive, or the coordinates does not change, please contact the nearest Narishige office.

The keypad operation gets inconvenient. Is there any device to operate at ease? - Please consider purchasing our optional products for DM series; "Compact Controller" or "Drum Controller". Please contact the nearest Narishige office for more information.
What is the minimum and maximum driving speed set? - Refer to the following data according to the model name of products. The setting of a frequency as of "Hz" determines the driving speed.


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