How to refill the injector with oil
(by the use of a three-way stopcock)

Here is the information to refill the IM-9A / IM-9B with oil.

The serial number of the IM-9A product; No.05076 and later or the IM-9B; No.05432 and later, includes a three-way stopcock as accessory. For refilling IM-9A/B with oil, currently Narishige recommends to use a three-way stopcock. By using the three-way stopcock is easier to replenish oil and remove air bubbles. If you have the old IM-9A/B with a tube connector: CI-3, please refer to this link.

* The same procedure, in principle, may apply to other models (IM-6, IM-5B, etc.)

* When using a three-way stopcock, Oil Top-up Kit (IM-AS-2) is separately required.

* Commercially available oil is required to fill up the oil.


1. Turn the control knob clockwise to purge air completely from the syringe.

Then, loosen the protective cover fixing knobs to remove the protective cover.


2. Remove the protective cover, and put a three-way stopcock between the syringe and the tube connector.

Allow the three-way stopcock to be luer-locked by turning it clockwise.

When connected to the syringe, if the three-way stopcock is not properly positioned, loosen the syringe fixing knob to allow the syringe to turn to the desired position, and then fix it.


3. Fill a disposable plastic syringe with oil, and open the three-way stopcock to the microsyringe to fill it with oil.

To inject the oil, while pressing the plastic syringe with moderate strength, turn the control knob counterclockwise.

When injecting the oil, air bubbles trapped in the microsyringe can impair the operability, and thus air bubbles should be removed.

To remove air bubbles trapped in the microsyringe, with the tip of the microsyringe pointing upward, turn the control knob clockwise to move air bubbles to the plastic syringe and discharge them into it.


4. Open the three-way stopcock to the injection holder set.

* The injection holder comes with a factory-equipped cleaning rod. Before filling the oil, make sure to remove the cleaning rod from the injection holder.

Press the plastic syringe with moderate strength to fill the injection holder set with oil.

In this procedure, air bubbles trapped in PTFE tube can impair the operability, and thus, remove air bubbles.


5. Turn off the three-way stopcock, which is connected to the disposable plastic syringe.

If air bubbles are trapped in the microsyringe, turn the stopcock to remove air bubbles.

In the case of a decrease in the oil level, it is possible to replenish the oil from the three-way stopcock.


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