Oil Hydraulic Injectors

Problems Probable Causes Remedies
Can't stop suction. Possible leakage.

Locate the leak and troubleshoot the problem.

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Poor response in injection / suction. Air bubbles are trapped in the syringe, tube or injection holder? Remove air bubbles from the syringe, tube or injection holder.
The injection holder is clogged with particles of gaskets or broken glass capillaries?

Remove the micropipette and the tube from the injection holder, then insert the supplied cleaning rod from the back of the injection holder to remove particles of gaskets or broken glass capillaries.

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The tip of a micropipette is clogged with particles? Air bubbles are trapped in the tip? Replace the micropipette.
The syringe is fixed too tightly to the injector?

If the syringe is fixed too tightly, it disables smooth movement of the plunger.

Loosen the fixed syringe to the extent that it won't work loose.

Wear and tear of the silicone rubber gasket fitted inside the injection holder?

Replace the silicone rubber gasket with a new one.

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Loose connections between the syringe fitted to the injector and the plunger fixed part? Refasten the plunger fixed part to the extent that there is no loosening.
Any looseness or play in the control knob? Contact your local Narishige representative to obtain service for the unit.
In spite of repeated attempts to purge air, air bubbles keep coming back in the syringe. Air-tightness of the syringe may have weakened.

Reapply the silicone grease to the inside of the syringe.

In the case of an O-ring type syringe, replace the O-ring and apply the silicone grease before putting it back into place.

Turning the control knob abruptly? Manipulate the control knob gently.
The tip of a micropipette may be too thin to perform suction smoothly. Allow it to aspirate gently or fill the micropipette with solution beforehand using a sterilized needle before performing injection.
Oil was not included with the injector as part of accessories. Our injector is not provided with oil to be used for injection because each user has a preference for a particular type of oil suitable for his purpose.

Generally, users make their selection of oil to be used for injector based on such properties as clear and colorless, nontoxic, availability, immiscible with water, visible interface with water, viscosity, etc.

  • Mineral Oil
  • Silicone Oil
  • Paraffin Oil

* Alternatively, some users use distilled water.

Don't know how to refill the injector with oil. -

There are three ways to replenish the oil.

When turning the control knob, the response is too sensitive. Transmission of power through the medium of oil may be too smooth.

The use of polyethylene tube, which is softer than PTFE tube that comes standard, allows some idling and thus makes the response slower.

Alternatively, putting air into the interface between culture fluid and oil in the micropipette also makes the response slower.

Will the type of silicone rubber gasket to be used vary depending on the type of injection holder? -

The type of silicone rubber gasket varies depending on the type of injection holder.

Check the type of injection holder in use to find a suitable silicone rubber gasket to be used.

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