Injection / Aspiration cannot be stopped

Probable Cause

Leakage in the microinjector, tubing or injection holder. Effect remedial measures prescribed in the following.

Probable Causes Remedies
Wear and tear of the silicone seal of the injection holder.

Replace with a new silicone seal.

More details / (Chinese)

Looseness in the connecting part between the injection holder and the CT-1 tubing.

Tighten the rear of the injection holder securely.

More details / (Chinese)

Cut the tubing and reconnect it.

More details / (Chinese)

Looseness on the CI-1 tube connector.

Tighten it securely. Or use the resin-made connecting part.

More details / Chinese (PDF)

Cut the tubing and reconnect it.

More details / (Chinese)

CT-1 tubing is beginning to break.

Cut a part of tubing and reconnect it to the injector or CT-1.

Leakage from the plunger in the syringe. Apply vacuum grease lightly to the plunger.


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