How to refill the injector with oil
(without using any auxiliaries)

Here is the information to refill the IM-6.

* The same procedure, in principle, may apply to other models.

* Commercially available oil is required to fill up the oil.


1. Turn the control knob clockwise to purge air completely from the syringe.

Then, loosen the protective cover fixing knobs to remove the protective cover.


2. Detach the injector from the magnetic stand.

* The injector can be detached from the magnetic stand easily by loosening the connecting knobs.


3. Turn the control knob counterclockwise to fill the syringe with oil.

In this procedure, ensure that no air bubbles are trapped in the syringe.

If air bubbles are trapped in the syringe, with the syringe end pointing upward, turn the control knob clockwise to discharge air bubbles.


4. Fill a disposable plastic syringe with oil and connect it to the injection holder set.

* The injection holder comes with a factory-equipped cleaning rod. Before filling the oil, make sure to remove the cleaning rod from the injection holder.

Then, fill the injection holder set with oil, being careful not to admit air (bubbles).


5. Being careful not to admit air (bubbles), connect the syringe end to the tube connector (CI-1).

In this procedure, to prevent the entry of air bubble, allow the tube connector to top up with oil and the syringe to top up with oil by slightly turning the control knob clockwise.

The tube connector (CI-1) can be luer-locked by turning it clockwise.

When oil replenishment was done, attach the injector onto the magnetic stand and fit the protective cover to the syringe end.


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